Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Am I crazy or what?

So, this past Friday afternoon, Josh was off work and I asked him if Abby and I could go to the Stake Youth Volleyball Tournament in Myrtle Beach with him the next day. It's just over an hour away and I just did not want to stay home all day again, just Abby and me. Of course, he was thrilled, because I am so not a spur-of-the-moment gal, especially being 37 weeks pregnant!He didn't stop at being thrilled, though. He let me know that the tournament was to be at the State Park, which also had CAMPING! And that we should go and spend the night! Whoa! I wasn't too sure about that-sleeping in a tent? Right now? I told him he was crazy, but as I thought more about it and realized how nice the weather was and how SHORT the camping part would be and how I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway....I finally agreed! Besides, Abby LOVES camping and tents, so how could I say no? Can you believe it, girls?

Josh says I am the woman...he was soooo happy!

So we go there around 6:30 pm, after dinner on the way and some yummy ice cream, and set the tent up! We played cards until about 10-I was trying to stay up as late as possible, so the night of trying to sleep wouldn't seem so long, but I was exhausted, so we were on the air mattress in the tent by 10:30. (This next part especially for those of you have ever been pregnant!) I was surprisingly comfortable on the air mattress, but sleep did not come for me until around midnight and then at 12:30, of course, I awoke to the irresistable urge to go to the bathroom. I debated for 20 minutes whether I had to go bad enough to make the "trip" worth it at that particular moment, the "trip" consisting of ROLLING off of the air mattress onto my hands and knees, STANDING UP with nothing to hang on to, PULLING my pj pants on, SLIDING into my flip flops, unzipping the tent quietly and climbing out without tripping over anything, all with so much pressure on my bladder, I thought I'd wet myself-(Is this too personal?) Of course, then I had to actually get to the bathroom, which was only a short 3 or 4 campsite walk, but felt like a mile!

I'd like to say that I am NOT complaining! I KNEW it would be this way, but I did choose only to make the "trip" twice that night, though I could have gone 5 or 6 times. I actually did get rest, in spite of these things and the next morning, we packed up, went to a pancake house for breakfast and headed back to the park for Volleyball on the beach!

Abby and I sat and watched and played in the sand-she still has sand in her hair by the way, and just had an all around good time. It was overcast and cool, so WE didn't go in the water, but a lot of the youth did and of course, so did Josh. We had a blast, even when I realized my arms and face had gotten burnt to a crisp! 4 hours at the beach with no sunblock on a cloudy day with already sensitive skin, plus pregnant? BAD! Those things do NOT mix!

It was GREAT! I still can't believe I ever agreed to it, but there you go! I DID! CRAZY!

Here I am at the camp site with Abby-37 weeks that day!

Mommy and Abby!

I guess I'm getting a little bit sentimental, because our family is about to change forever and it will never be just Abby again, but this picture is of my sweet Abby in my arms. She has been hugging and clinging a lot lately. This is the scene from the pew behind us in church every Sunday as well. She just wants to lay on me. I think she can sense that my lap will no longer be just hers and only hers! We laugh a lot because when she leans on my tummy this way, I lean over and tell her in her ear that her baby sister just kicked her. She really does kick every time-in fact, that's really the only way Abby has ever felt her kick, because whenever I try to let someone feel her with their hand, she won't move a muscle! Stubborn little thing!
So anyway..here's my Abby in her sweetest, most serene moment!

Love her so much!

Josh is such a good dad!

Abby got makeup and dress-up stuff for her birthday and from some sweet ladies at my two baby showers, who didn't want Abby to feel left out! She chose to "frost " her dad with pretty pink blush and later a crown with feather boa-he's such a good sport, especially because I told him I was going to do this and he said, "Whatever!"

It's also their thing to "Spin, Flip and Dance" every day when he gets home from work and just before bed, too. It consists of spinning in a circle (Josh gets more dizzy than Abby does-this one doesn't last long!), Abby climbing up his front and flipping backwards and then a nice little dance with Josh humming or whistling. It's so sweet and I love to watch. Sometimes the flipping gets more daring than I would like, but Josh has always taught Abby "tricks" and she goes right along with it, so I just have to grit my teeth! (Here's a few pics of their "tricks" from when she was younger, so you can see...)

Abby and Josh have a special relationship! It's the best!

PS-Just a fun tidbit...Abby likes to spin round and round in office chairs, and she says, "Mom! Spin me! I want to get BUSY!" and "Slow down! I'm getting BUSY, Mommy!"

Me at 35 weeks-Sorry I'm behind!

Just to show what I looked like at 35 weeks, which was 2 weeks ago! I've got more recent ones, but they will be included in posts about other things...BY the way, the doctor told me yesterday....NOTHING IS HAPPENING! UGH!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Nursery!

I thought you might all like to see the nursery! It's completed...almost. Josh has cut out letters to put her name up on the wall above the crib, but they aren't sanded and painted yet. I had a dream the other night again that she came out a boy, and if that is the case....well, I'll just say I'd be pretty DARN mad! By the way, her name will be Phoebe Jane (Sorry, Alicia!), but don't tell Josh I told-I should wait until it's "official", you know...
It's coming closer and I am sooooooo uncomfortable, but I'm just trying to keep myself busy. I got my hair cut today, tomorrow, my TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) Group is "showering" me, Thursday is the doctor and a shower from the ward and Friday, my sister-in-law (Amber)and I are hopefully getting pedicures and renting "Baby Mama", so I'm good for at least the next 4 days, right?

Anybody have any ideas as to how to make the time seem like it's going faster?... You'd think with a 3-yr-old to take care of, the days would fly by, but no such luck...