Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm out!

Off to Gatlinburg with the WHOLE Harvey clan (except Ben's wife, Marleina, who should be delivering their 3rd son in the next 3 weeks or so! We'll miss you, Mar;0() Probably won't be posting until I get back on Tues! Peace out all y'all!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Christmas Present--Pre-Christmas!

Every year around Halloween or sometimes Thanksgiving, I provide Josh with a Christmas list-as detailed as possible. I tell him exactly where to get the item for the cheapest price and all the websites and passwords he'll need to find my favorite books and videos online. I know, it's ridiculous...most of you know that I've always been a movie nut and an avid reader so it is unheard of for there not to be a Jane Austen adaptation or old Gene Kelly movie that I want...Well, sometimes things change and this year was one of those times! I couldn't think of a single movie or book I wanted! When Josh had not received my list by Thanksgiving, I think he thought something was wrong. When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, all I could think of was, "A break..." So I told him that I wanted an overnight trip with no kids and no worries about money."And I don't want to plan it..."

Well, sometimes you get just what you want and my coolest gift came in the form of a two night trip to Myrtle Beach, and I had to be ready to take the trip BEFORE CHRISTMAS! (Josh is very frugal and got a great deal-I love that about him!) We stayed at Dunes Resort, which has two indoor water parks with slides and lazy rivers and heated pools and hot tubs-plus, we were right on the beach! The first night we ate out and then headed to then indoor lazy river, hot tub and kid-size slides! It was sooooo fun! There was hardly anyone there and it was all open until 10 pm, so we stayed til it closed! We slept with the door to the balcony open, so we could hear the ocean all night! Perfect vacation for me!

The next day we went out to breakfast, and then shopped for 6 HOURS! All I'll say is that that is UNHEARD OF for us! We also walked around Broadway at the Beach for a while and visited a HUGE candy store! We were having so much fun, we wanted to share it, so we called my brother, Boo and invited him to bring his sweet wife, Amber, down for dinner with us for their anniversary! They met us at Outback and we talked them into coming back to our Resort and playing at the water park with us.

They hadn't brought bathing suits, but we made due! Amber wore my extra suit-she was "swimming" in it-and Boo wore Josh's exercise shorts! Now, I'm putting this picture on, but I'm sorry, I had to crop it for the sake of all of us, especially me! You get the idea, though!

We went to the BIG slides this time and as you can see by their faces, Josh, Boo and Amber were quite surprised when they went airborne on the dip in the middle of the slide! I wish I had the screams of surprise on video! And then they decided to be a bunch of crazies and jump in the OUTSIDE lazy river-it had to be in the 40s and windy outside!

We finally talked them into staying overnight on the couch bed in our room and even called my parents, who had Abby and Phoebe and convinced them to go and get Myah (Boo and Amber's 14-month old), who was at their house with Amber's mom, and keep her overnight too!

We went out for snacks and played cards late into the night! I don't think I've had a more relaxing and fun trip! Thank you, Josh for the best Christmas present EVER! And Amber and I have decided we're going to make it an annual thing!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I can't seem to catch up...

But here's a funny one! Our little Phoebe Claus! Nice face, huh?

The weekend of Dec 14, the Harvey Family got together at Mom and Dad's and had a PARTY!

The kids enjoyed being together so much and in honor of Talor's almost 12th birthday, Aunt Cristy gave some of the girls "makeovers"!

Abby and Emma BEFORE...

....and AFTER! So sweet, huh?

Mom and Dad opening their Christmas gift from all the children and grandchildren...with space for the two more who are coming...

...some of great-grands with Da and Papa-Da was getting a kick out of the fact that we couldn't get all the kids to stop crying and look at the gets harder the more you get, ya know!

Phoebe was SCREAMING...

...but she happied up when Grandma got a hold of her later...

We had such a good time being together and now we're looking forward to the Harvey family gathering at the cabin in Gatlinburg! See ya'll there!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Phoebe's Blessing Day-Dec 7, 2008

Phoebe was blessed on December 7, with lots of our family in attendance! Her Daddy blessed her to be righteous and do all the things the Lord would have her do, and also that she would be a "ray of sunshine" to those around her...and she has been that in our house!

Poppy, Nana, Grandma and Grandpa

Phoebe and Abby with parents, grandparents and 1 set of great-grandparents!

Sweet sleeping Phoebe-all tired out from the festivities!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trip to Lynches River Park

The day before Phoebe's blessing, we took a break from eating and decided to get some exercise and nature-walking at the park. Josh's parents and his sister Heidi's family came with us and we had a blast! Nature center, playground and riverside boardwalk were few of the many fun things...

We had a big dinner at our house that evening to celebrate and then headed to the hotel where most of Josh's family was staying and went swimming in the indoor heated pool! We celebrated Madi's 11th birthday (She's seriously 11?!!!) with the largest chocolate cake I've ever seen in person! (almost as big as that one that kid had to eat on Matilda!! Has anyone seen that movie? If not, it was HUGE!)

Look at that cake!

Blessing photos to come...

Miscellaneous pictures...

Just before Thanksgiving, we headed up to TR to spend some time with Josh's family! Most of the extended family hadn't seen Phoebe yet, so off we went! Abby got her first real haircut! She was so still and a lot of fun!

We also took pictures for Nana and Poppy's Christmas card...the pictures say it all!

Thanksgiving was a blast at my parents' house, where Phoebe and I wore matching shirts...

And Abby had fun with her cousin, Kendal.

All in all, we had a great November, except for Abby's stomach flu all the way home from Greenville and all that night too! Yuck!
December was great too... more to come...