Friday, September 25, 2009

Abby's Adventures...mishaps and funnies!

I thought I would throw this post in just for fun! Abby has been so much fun lately and as I went through some old pics, I wanted to share!

This next one needs explanation...she came running to me yelling, "Mom! Help!" and this is what I saw! That's a dime stuck in between her teeth! Naturally, being the wonderful mom that I am, I grabbed the camera to document this occasion before actually prying the darn thing out! It was really lodged in there!!!

As you can see by the date on the next 3, they happened on the same day...pretty self-explanatory...

The pack WAS brand new and every piece of that gum was in her tummy!!!
Then...nail polish...

Just so you know, SHE locked HERSELF in this doggie kennel cage and was fully supervised the entire time! She was obviously okay with it, becasue you can see that she is saying, "CHEEESE!!"
Her infamous Easter picture...
I don't remember why she was so glum, but what a cute pic!

Fun with cousin Kendal....

Doing your own makeup is always a sign that a girl is growing up...

Yogurt painting-"Mom! Look!"

Another of those moments when you just want to scream, but can't help but laugh...and snap some pictures...

Oh the joys of cheap princess makeup...she had to go to church with pink stained cheeks because it wouldn't come off!

The screaming swimmer...

Fun in a mud puddle...
Trampoline fun!

So, an update on her should come now...
Abby is doing great! Besides a whole lot of independence and some 4-year-old sassiness, she is so much fun to be around!!! She LOVES her 4K class and loves to listen to all things Veggie Tale in the van on the way to school. ("I Love My Lips" is her favorite!) She has graduated to a backless booster seat and is now able to get herself out of it when needed--she still needs help buckling in, though. She's very vocal, and has become quite a singer, but mostly to herself. She can now write her name and make her bed, both things of which she is VERY proud of and you BETTER notice or you get in trouble!!!
That's it for now, but more updates to come...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching up...

Our lives have been crazy lately, with Abby starting school and stuff, but I felt like I should record a few things for posterity and for my sanity! It's been a while since I have posted anything about Phoebe's arm and foot, so I'll start there. After 2.5 months of wearing her special shoes, the doctors at Shriner's said, "She's graduating from 23 hours a day to nights and naps!" Hooray!!!!!So now she basically wears her shoes at night while she sleeps and has total freedom all day..except when she has a therapist visit (which is basically 3 times a week) or when I torture her by making her stand at the couch or kneel to play, or make her use her right hand for anything she doesn't want to use it for! She is army crawling in her own way, by using her left arm and the top of her right wrist. She does NOT like to stretch that wrist out and it is almost impossible to get her to put any kind of pressure on it by pushing down on the palm of her hand. She is definitely feisty and has figured out how to do things in her own way. She has been to a neurologist about that arm and they will be doing an MRI of both her brain and her spine tomorrow, which should help us see what could have caused these things and what we can possibly do surgically...or not do surgically! This MRI will be the second time she's been under anesthesia, which is not something we want to put her (or ourselves)through if we can avoid it, so we'll see. There are two main possibilities according to the neurologist--either her nerves were damaged somehow in the womb or she had a perinatal stroke. The doctor really doesn't think it's either one, though, so we'll just have to wait. I guess to me, it doesn't really matter how it happened. I just want to know how we can get best use of her arm and foot and help her be able to use them as normally as possible! We'll keep you all up-to-date!

If I want to get this post done before next year, I better just leave it at that for now! New subject next time! Here are some recent photos of the girls!

Josh's friend, Tiffany, from work, invited us to her wedding and asked Josh to be the videographer! It was in a beautiful little country church, followed by a reception in the fellowship hall.

Yikes! I can't remember why she was smiling so big. Cute, but almost creepy!

Phoebe always smile like this when Abby plays with her! She LOVES her big sis!

We headed up to Anderson to camp with Josh's family! It was a welcome getaway from some of the Florence craziness!

Phoebe was so cute in her little bed inside the tent! This was what I saw when I woke up that morning!

I forgot how much I disliked the red dirt in the Upstate! Everything was covered in it when we got home! But the kids had a ball getting all messy--they also went fishing, on boat rides and swam a TON!


Phoebe's flexible hips! She does the splits all the time! In fact, to get from her tummy to sitting or vice versa, she just brings her legs to the front or back like she has no hips at all!

A modest bath shot--they are VERY into bubble baths!! Bring on the luxury...already princesses!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Abby-4th Birthday (Aug 16) and First Day of 4K (Aug 17)

Abby hit 2 milestones in 2 days this year! (As you can see by the title!) The weekend before her birthday, we were in Greenville, so Abby was able to have a small party with some of the Axelsons...

Sleeping Beauty dress-up from her Johansen cousins!

And by her birthday morning, she was ready to wear her new lady bug dress from Nana and Poppy!

I made her cake on Saturday...I had always planned on making the BArbie cake for her 4th birthday, because that's what I had on MY 4th birthday!

She was so excited to help and she looked especially adorable! Do you think we look alike?

This was her year for some sports gifts! Two bats, two balls, purple baseball glove, tee and purple soccer ball...she is a great hitter and a FABULOUS kicker!!

(See post for Aug 19, 2008 to see a little montage of our four year old's first three years!!!)
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! She was so excited to wear her new clothes and her backpack!

She is loving school! (I hope the excitement lasts!!!!!)