Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I never finished this post from a while back, so here goes...We went to a fun festival in Hartsville for the 4th of July this year--yummy food, fun games, redneck music and fireworks to boot! SO FUN! We went with Boo and Amber and our friends', Kit and Randee Thames. We walked around for awhile and stood in line for hot dogs and snow cones!

Then we found an out-of-the-way place and put down our blankets to watch fireworks! Amber's entire family showed up as well so we added about 15 more to our group--the more the merrier!
Thames, Axelson and Harvey kids eating oreos!

Abby licking the "white stuff" (powdered sugar) off of Mommy's funnel cake plate! SHe ouldn't let ANYTHING sweet go to waste!

How Phoebe was during the entire fireworks show...(notice Abby screaming in the background--NOT a fan of big fireworks--Phoebe could not have cared less!)

...and how Myah was the entire fireworks show!

The Thames family...our buds! Mikyn and Carsen obviously just thought the fireworks were too loud!

The next night, we hung out at the Thames' house and went swimming!

Phoebe loves to sit straight on the grass!

The girls waiting in anticipation (and on the screen porch with no mosquitoes!) for the fireworks to begin...

Kiddos watching the fireworks from the porch...

We had so much fun and were glad that we got off our duffs and went and did something for a change! We are SUCH homebodies, but we're trying to branch out!!! It was so fun!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday flowers...

My 33rd birthday was on June 9th and I haven't had such a fun birthday in a long time! From the previous post, you saw that I went swimming with my girls that morning, but then we came home and made a pizza for lunch. Josh did so well this year! A sweet friend of mine who works in the church library with me does beautiful, intricate origami flowers (and animals as well). He noticed her book of patterns one Sunday and "commissioned" a bouquet for my birthday. I hear it took her many hours and she stayed up well into the early morning hours to finish them on time, but they were well worth her effort! (Thanks, Sara!)
We capped off the evening with a yummy steak dinner-steaks on the grill, baked potatoes...mmmm...and my "cake" was an oreo pie...just my style!

Thank you, honey, for knowing what I would want and following through with it! You definitely got it right! You're the best!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The coolest grandparents EVER...

This summer has been so crazy, but so fun! Many of you know that when we moved to Florence, we stayed with my parents for a few months and then my grandparents decided they needed a change and offered to sell us their home as they wanted to move to an apartment. The complex they moved to was literally a short walk from the house. We have spent so much time with them and I am so grateful for all that they do for us and bring to our lives! They kept Abby for over a year every Wednesday morning for me to attend TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) and then when Phoebe was born, they offered to come over to OUR house and keep both girls. It has been and still is such a wonderful thing for our girls! My grandpa walks over randomly and trims our bushes and works in our garden...He comes over regularly to use his barber skills to cut Josh's hair...Da always saves things for me (coupons she thinks I might use or articles from the paper she thinks I would want to read)..they are such wonderful people! Several times this summer, they have invited the girls and me to swim in the pool at their apt building. Since you have to be a resident or with a resident, one or both of them will meet us there, always with a basket of goodies and cooler of cold water. We have had such fun with them as they sit in the shade under an umbrella, sometimes in 100 degree weather, and watch us play, then take care of Phoebe so I can focus on just Abby. Here are some pics of one such time...It was actually my birthday and they made it so fun! I wish there was a way I could show how much I love and appreciate them! But I'll just say that we are fulfilling one of the reasons we moved here in the first our kids could know and love their great-grandparents...

I couldn't believe when she offered to take soaking wet Phoebe-I know it HAD to have driven her crazy to get her shirt all wet!!

Seriously! Almost every picture I take of Da, she's either looking anywhere but the camera, talking or closing her eyes!!! Gotta love it!