Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our little "ray of sunshine" turns 1!

Here's Phoebe the morning of her birthday! She went with me that morning to my weight loss group--TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly). I actually joined the group in Oct 2007 so I could lose the ten lbs required by my doctor to be able to start treatments to get pregnant again. I lost the weight in 10 weeks, started the medication and found out I was pregnant with Phoebe in February 2008. She was born 1 year and two days after I joined TOPS, so I would definitely say that she is our TOPS club mascot! Okay, I digress! Back to her birthday! She came to TOPS with me and all the ladies fawned over her and even sang Happy Birthday, quietly of course, because every time she comes to TOPS, she screams because we are too loud! So she looked cute, huh?

We had her birthday party the next day and I decided the oh-so-clever theme of "You Are My Sunshine"! Got some ideas off of the internet, thought up some of my own and VOILA! Here you go! Sunshine cake (orange supreme cake mix with yummy orange frosting)... yellow and red homemade deco...

...and of course, all our favorite yellow and orange finger foods...cheese and crackers, peppers and carrots with ranch, fruit salad with pineapple, oranges and apples, reeses pieces, orange slices and Velveeta cheese dip with tortilla chips!

Happy with Dad!

Blowing out the candles...well, I guess I did that!

She liked the cones better than the cake!!!

But she loved the cake too!

She loves to sit in her little rocking chair!

Me and my girls!

The next day, we headed to Greenville to see the Axelson side ;0) and to attend Cousin Ben's baptism...we had to take a family picture...

She was not a happy camper that day, but we were exctied to see her gift from Nana and Poppy...a beautiful quilt, handmade by Nana and Aunt Sue (Thank you!!!)...

...and her tutu and bedazzled t-shirts, handmade by Aunt Ali...

I know she was really happy inside!
Aunt Heidi got her a beautiful pink corduroy dress with embroidered flowers, which she wore to church the next day (I didn't get a pic!) The Johansen kids were in their Primary program and they did beautifully! It was Madi's last year in the Primary program and she had a solo! She was so excited and her solo was LOVELY!
We begrudgingly went home that evening, excited for another Greenville trip 4 days later, but that's another post!!! Here's Phoebe with her new blanket! She wouldn't let us take it off anf has slept every night since then, surrounded by its warmth!
So she's now a one-year-old! Weird! And she's got her two top front teeth about to bust through to prove it (and to explain her grumpiness!!!)
More to come later...

Phoebe's MRI

On September 22, we took Phoebe to Columbia to have an MRI of her brain and spine as previously discussed a few posts ago. We actually had to check her in to the Children's Hospital, so she could have general anesthesia for the procedure. Here she is when we first got there in various states of dress (or undress;0)...

As you can see, she was pretty happy and unaware of what was about to happen...And I was okay too, even when all the nurses had to wear face masks because of the stupid swine flu...(I don't mean to make light of it--I know a lot of people have died, but frankly I'm SICK of hearing about it!) I wasn't even really perturbed when the nurses reminded me that the medication they would be giving her was the same as the one that Michael Jackson died from (WHY would you say that to the mother of an 11-month-old baby that was about to be "put out"? Was I not nervous enough?) Then came the kicker...the dreaded IV...Two nurses came in the room once we had put that tiny gown on her and said, "It's usually better if the parents step out while we do this." I thought, 'Okay. They don't want us to feel bad that our child is SCREAMING bloody murder and we are completely unable to help comfort her.' So we stepped just outside the door and as we closed it, they asked, "Is there any song that she likes?" I told tham that she generally responds positively when I sing "You Are My Sunshine." So for the next 15 minutes, all we heard was screaming that got progressively louder and nurses singing "You Are My Sunshine", which got progressively more frustrated. One even tried changing the song to the ABC's and was brutally rebuffed with a loud "AGGHH!" from Phoebe. I think they really just wanted us to "step out" so we wouldn't see what they were about to have to do to our child to get her still enough for that IV to go in....A third nurse finally had to go in and help and we heard them say, after 20 minutes of all that screaming,"I've only stuck her ONCE!" Yikes! Apparently, her veins roll like mine, so she ended up being stuck in her foot and arm, before they finally go it in her hand!

Poor Phoebe! Josh had to carry her around until it was time to take her back! I'd be tired too after all that fuss!!!That look just breaks my heart!

So, we took her back and talked to the anesthesiologist. Then the moment of truth...the administering of the medication. Seriously, one second, they pushed it into the IV, the next second, her head drooped and the next second, she was OUT!!! Kind of scary how strong that medicine must be to do that so quickly! We left the room and waited just over an hour and she came back, sleeping so peacefully!! 30 minutes later, she was up eating a bottle and 30 minutes after that, we were on our way home!!!

What a day it was!

Oh and just so you know, the next week, we took her back to the neurologist and guess what the MRI showed?! NOTHING WRONG!!! No perinatal nerve damage in the brain or on the spine...that's a good thing, but the doctor used the word "perplexed" several times! So we are now just going to focus on therapy and doing all we can to help her use her arm to its best capacity and call it a day!!! NO MORE TESTS!

And as for her foot, we went back to Shriner's last Friday--she was wiggling out of her special braced shoes--and she is now back in a hot pink cast. Her tendon was still too tight. It needed more stretching, and it's possible she may have to have surgery on it again. We'll see.....

Up to that point she was pulling herself up on everything, in spite of not having a full range of motion with her arm, and she was even letting go and balancing on both her feet before plopping down on her bottom. So now that she has the cast, guess what has happened? She's STILL doing those things like that darn cast is not even there!!! Amazing to me!

We'll keep y'all up-to-date and if nobody's reading this, at least I'LL be able to remember!