Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Okay, so Easter was so fun this year! So much preparation for one day! But, here was my favorite memory this year-Abby's HAIR! So, here's the story...I have never claimed to be the best hairdresser-my mornings are full of shaking my fist at the mirror and wondering why I can NEVER do my hair like they do it in the salon! But I guess I thought that when I became the mom of a beautiful little girl, it would all of a sudden come to me like magic and I'd have absolutely NO problem getting HER hair to lay in the perfect Shirley Temple curls. That was my plan for this Sunday morning! And the fact that Josh had no morning church meetings was even better, because it would give me more time to focus!

All I can say was that it was a disaster! And I had to laugh when Josh walked in our bathroom, saw her hair and said, "Um, why don't you curl her bangs back and kind of feather them?" He was trying to be constructive! So HE took the curling iron, curled her bangs back and cracked us both up when he poofed it up a little and said excitedly, "Look! It's the PERFECT 80's CLAW!" I almost fell on the floor laughing! Unfortunately, I did not take a picture at that moment, but laughing was definitely the only option, because I was about to cry! And it had calmed down by the time we took these pictures right before leaving for church.
I got so frustrated with the frizz at church that I ended up putting it all up in the middle of church, which is how it was in the family picture! (Can you see my pooch? Of course you can! Not even really baby yet, just leftover fat redistributing itself! And I suppose the satiny shirt with the camera flash didn't help!)

This picture is in our back yard after the Easter egg hunt with Abby's cousins Kendal and Tanner. She was in HEAVEN, as you can see by her trying her darndest to get that egg open!

And this one shows her on her new swingset, built by her dad, her Poppy and her Uncle Boo. We still haven't put the "big girl" swing up yet, but we'll take that as it comes! She would stay in that swing ALL DAY if I would let her! Thank you, Poppy and Uncle Boo for helping!
Thus ends the saga of the Easter hair catastrophe! I guess I am no beautician! But, I DID make her dress, so maybe there is SOME talent there somewhere!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blogtag! I love these things!

So, my brother, Layne, "tagged" me today and I felt that since my last post was sooooo long ago, I should go ahead and do it or it would never get done! So here goes...

10 years ago: I was serving a mission for my church in California. My companion was Becky Flanigan, who was and still is one of the most positive and uplifting people I have ever spent time around. We were in the town of Gridley with the fields and orchards of every kind of fruit or vegetable imaginable (stinky kiwi trees!) and it was probably about the time we decided to show our faith by ditching our car for a day and WALKING several miles around town to our appointments! One of the best times of my life!

5 things on my to-do list today: Well, this morning my list looked like this! Shower, eat breakfast so I don't puke from morning sickness, bake a delicious chocolate chip cake for Easter dinner dessert, ATTEMPT to curl Abby's hair in those cute little perfect Shirley Temple curls (I'll show you in my next post how THAT one came out! I guess I am NOT a beautician!), paint both Abby's and my toenails cute pink, got to...oh, I guess that's 5! As I said, the next post will tell you all about our Easter!

Things I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: Geez, how do you answer a question like that?! I guess I would pay off our student loans, buy a car that has less than 100,000 miles on it, okay, buy ANOTHER car that has less than 100,000 miles on it! Donate a lot to our church and other wonderful organizations that would help other people in many ways, maybe a new house, invest, save and save some more for Abby and other future children's college--okay, so I'd probably indulge myself with a new wardrobe and a personal trainer post-baby! And maybe a book or two...

3 of my bad habits: Still a nail-biter, unfortunately, stressing too much and not taking the time to "smell the roses", and last but not least, CHEESE! Anytime, anywhere, any kind (except bleu!)

5 places I have lived: Virginia Beach, VA, Goose Creek, SC, Provo, UT, Burney, Gridley, Auburn and Paradise, CA, Seneca, SC, Florence, SC-more than 5 I know, but I had to put them all!

Jobs I have had: Camp Sunshine for Kids-counselor, Berkeley County After-School Program at Howe Hall Elem, BYU Morris Center Dishwasher, SWKT Copy Center-Copy girl, Moneyline Lending Phone Sales, Provo Library PERC intern, BI-LO deli, Joe's Tax Service-receptionist, Clemson University Bookstore Bookkeeper, Mom to Abby

Things people don't know about me: See previous post from when I was tagged the last time!

Easter pics coming soon...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can I post with no pics or what? I think I can!

Okay, so today I realized how long ago my last post was! Even though I check everyone else's blog EVERYDAY, I've been a slacker with my own! So I figured it really is okay to post without putting a bunch of pics! So here you go...
I only have 3 weeks of my first trimester left and believe me, I'm ready for the nausea to end! I don't remember feeling this sick with Abby. Everyone says that means it's a boy, but my sister, Sarah insists it's a girl (whose name she says will be Sarah, by the way-I'm not so sure.) And even Abby is talking every day about her "baby stister"-but every once in a while she comes out with something about her "brudder", too, so how can ya tell, eh? Oh, well...still plenty of time before we'll find that out!
Life is great! Ours has been filled with plans for the future. Will Abby stay in the small room or should we move her to the larger one at the end of the hall and put the baby in the room next to ours? When do we need to move her out of the crib and into a real bed-yes, she's STILL in the crib and never even tries to get out! We need to get her potty-trained-when? By the way, we already tried once and she DID NOT get it! And Josh has started training for a bike ride in July. A while back, he used to be really into biking and even did the BRAG (Bike Ride Across Georgia) twice and across Missouri once with a bunch of his family members! Now, 15 years or so later, they've decided they want to try again-this time the RAGBRAI (Bike Ride Across Iowa), so his goal is to lose 40 lbs by then and train his little heart out, so it will be the least painful as possible! His uncle and his mom are planning to go too, and they all think I'm a saint for saying he could do it, considering I will just be getting into my 3rd trimester by that time. But my philosophy is if it will make him happy and motivate him to lose the weight and gain better health, which he's been wanting to do forever, it will be totally worth it! And it will force me to eat as healthy as possible, so I can help him!
Josh will be shrinking as I'm getting as big as a house! I love it! I'll post again soon!