Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good friends are so fun!

I started this post a long time ago, but I'm finally getting to it!

In April, I got a call one morning and was surprised to hear a voice I had not heard in over 10 years! A sweet French accent which came from one of my companions on my mission to California--Elodie (Sister David)! She and her husband, Mark, and their two boys were in Myrtle Beach for a vacation and since she knew that we were pretty close by (Just over an hour, for anybody who might want to know;o), she decided to call and see if we could somehow get together and have dinner! Well, I was just so excited and in the mood to do something spontaneous, which is not common for a planned out woman like myself, so I called Josh, who was able to get off early that day and we packed up the girls and headed to their condo on the beach! It was such a fun night--pizza and salad for dinner--and a fun time watching the "kids" (including Mark and Josh) play in the sand and the water! Her son, Adam, is just older than Abby and Antoine is a little older than Phoebe. I don't think we ever would have thought when we were missionary companions that 11 years later, we would be taking pictures together on the beach with our husbands and kids, but there we were! It was really a lot of fun!

PS-Here are a few pics of us from the mission just for fun-haven't changed much, have we? Well, I guess I've gained a few pounds, to say the least!! (Elodie, I hope these pics are good enough for you! She complained to me that evening at the beach that people were putting ugly pictures of her from the mission on Facebook!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

A baby's laugh...PRECIOUS!

This is so hilarious to me, not just Phoebe's laughing, but the whole scene...

"Massive Head-Wound Harry"-I mean Josh!

Awhile back, Josh noticed that he had a bump on the back of his head. He talked to our ENT friend and Dan told him not to worry about it unless it was bothering him. Well a few months ago, it started to bug him and then it started to hurt. He decided (with a little help from is oh so subtle wife-that's ME;0) that it was time to get it looked at, and was told that he should get it removed even though it didn't appear to be problematic. So last Friday, Josh had a little "surgery" to remove his 50-cent piece-sized lump. I took him and sat in the wating area of the general surgeon's office for a grand total of 20 minutes while they numbed his head and removed the cyst right in the office. We weren't worried, but he was nervous, so I was glad to see a smile on his face when he was done! I couldn't help but laugh, though, when I saw this...

...especially knowing that two days later, he was planning to be at church conducting the meeting! (He didn't go, by the way, but opted to stay home and rest a little more in preparation for his long week at work!)

I've been calling him "Massive Head Wound Harry" from that SNL skit about a guy who walks around with this nasty uncovered head wound, not understanding why everyone who sees him is grossing out! But don't you see a little bit of an Burt and Ernie combination there too? Yeah, I was laughing, but as you will read, not for long...

The day after the "Great Removal", the dressing had to be changed. And the doctor had decided not to do stitches to allow it to "heal from the inside out, so there would be less chance of it coming back", so he "packed" it with gauze. Use your imaginations, friends, but don't think about it too hard or you might hit the floor before you can finish reading the story!

Anyway, so I decided to make the attempt at changing the dressing. Josh was all gung ho and wanted to watch until we removed the outer wrapping and he saw what was on it. Now many of you know that Josh has a weak stomach in certain "situations" (poor guy) and at that sight, he had to "take a moment" (or 10, maybe 15) and regain his bearings;0) I didn't laugh much, but expressed full concern for him;0) I was fine at that point, feeling secure that I could handle it. So he laid down on the bed listening to the ipod and reading a magazine...anything to distract himself, and I took off the rest of the outer bandaging and made the didn't take me long to realize this was NOT going to happen, because within one minute of pulling, I had to stop, put MY head between MY knees and lay down on the other side of the bed myself, moving the hurricane fan toward me and taking it off of Josh! He chuckled a little, but to give him full credit, he was concerned about me as well! It only took me 2 or 3 minutes of deep breathing to be okay, but we had to laugh at the situation! And as soon as I was okay, we put the outer dressing back on and decided to go another direction....

We finally had to get our neighbor, who is a nurse, to come over and change it and she was GREAT! I don't know how she does it! Then yesterday, my brother, Boo did it, with my mom as his "nurse"!

We've realized that we are way too much alike in a lot of areas! I guess we really are perfect for each other...even though being alike didn't really HELP this situation!

By the way, Josh is fine and except for the fact that he will probably still be wearing bandages on his head next Sunday at church, all is well with him! It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but we can handle it! So Massive Head Wound Harry lives on for a little while longer...and so does the teasing..."Did you forget to wear your helmet?" (NOT funny)..."It's John McEnroe! Where are your arm sweat bands?"..."Hey! Flashdance! or Solid Gold dancer!"...and my favorite..."Man! Did your WIFE do that to you?!"

Hangin' Out With Grandpa!

Yesterday, my brother, Layne and his family came to visit for the day. Some of the adults were hangin' out inside when Mom's cell phone rang. She didn't even make a move to get it, because she sometimes doesn't want to when we're all around! But then the house phone rang, so she figured it might be important! "Hello?" Then she started laughing and told us all to look outside. This is what we saw...
...they were "cloud-shaping" from the trampoline...and even funnier, the call was to request "curbside service". "We would like 4 cups with crushed ice, water in 3 of them and Sprite in the other, please."

Grandpa is so fun...and funny!

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

Okay, this is crazy! (But very fun too!) Josh and I have had 3 babies born in our immediate families in the past 3 months! And one of our close friends just found out they are having TWINS! So many babies and not enough arms to hold them all! Just wanted to show you our beautiful nieces and nephew!

Tristan Lee (Ben (my bro) and Marleina's)-February

Calla Helene (Layne (my bro) and Anna's)-March

Emma Jane (Alison(Josh's sister) and Ryan)-April