Sunday, October 7, 2007

Here we go!

It's time for the Axelsons to get into this century, so here I am creating a blog for our family! (Alicia, you should try it too!) Thanks to Susan for the encouragement!
To start, I should tell everyone that we are doing great! We closed on our home here in Florence, SC two weeks ago and finished our new hardwood floors yesterday! Maybe we can start to get really settled now, after six or so months of transition! Josh is enjoying his job as a shared services accountant at Sonoco Products and even though we miss the comfort zone of the Clemson area, we are happy to be having new experiences!
I have been busy making curtains for our house and maternity and baby clothes for my sister-in-law, Amber (boo's wife), who is due Dec 3rd with a little girl they will name Myah Reece. I started sewing before Abby was born and have never really stopped!
Speaking of Abby, she turned 2 in August and only really acts it sometimes;0) She is a talker, and it seems like her vocabulary triples every day! She now yells "GO! GEEN (green)!" when we stop at a red light and wants to be "otside" at all times of the day, especially to see the "badas" (birds) and hear the "tchain" (train) go by.
Well, hopefully, this blog will help us stay in better contact with everyone! Leave comments and feel free to create your own, so we can stay up-to-date with all of you too!