Monday, February 16, 2009

Blast from the Past!

Facebook is a wonderful thing! Well, most of the time....It has definitely kept me from updating my blog like I really should, but it is so fun to reconnect with old friends! Just recently, I managed to run into my friend, Simon! He was an exchange student at Goose Creek High School when I was a junior. I honestly don't remember our first meeting, but we became great friends! He thought I was "brilliant" and "radiant" (words I had never heard to describe me before!) That year, the drama club put on "The Importance of Being Earnest", and I played Lady Bracknell, the overbearing, ridiculous mother. Simon was in the play too and coached me a little on my accent. I even recently put that performance on DVD, so if any of you want it, let me know!

Anyway, Simon asked me to go to the prom with him that year, which was unbelievable to me, he being "really cool" and all, while I was kind of a smart nerdy sort of girl. It was an interesting night, to say the least, but I love him for TRYING as hard as he could to make it fun!

I just wanted to post a few pics I got from him so you can see how awesome I looked that night in my teal prom dress and orange lipstick! I actually did look quite classy, though my new white pumps were a grave mistake on the cobblestones streets of Downtown Charleston! And didn't Simon look dapper?!

We went to Johnny Rockets after with some friends...this is actually my cousin, Candice, who managed to score a date with Pecos Downey, who she had met at my church in one of her many summer visits to my house! She was wearing my aunt's sparkly dress, which actually was beautiful and she looked gorgeous! Somehow, she and I ended up riding home witha friend and without our dates! Someone will have to remind me exactly why if they can, because I can't really remember!

So, regardless of how the night ended, and the fact that the entire prom we spent in line, waiting to get our pics taken...I think we danced twice...I have nothing but fond memories...Thanks, Simon, for the blast from the past...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Erin needs...

My friend did this on her blog and I thought it was funny! You just google "(Your First Name) needs" and check out the first ten links that come up! It can be pretty funny and sometimes true, as you can see! Here's mine...

1-Auntie Erin needs a drink

2-Erin needs another miracle!

3-Erin needs the looney bin!

4-Erin needs to wear shirts

5-Erin needs what most white chicks crave

6-Erin needs liver transplant

7-Erin needs a visit to the library soon

8-Erin needs a servant

9-Erin needs a nap

10-Erin needs advice

Gatlinburg with the Harvey's!

We just got back from a week in Gatlinburg, TN (Jan 21-27) with the entire Harvey Family (minus one)! That's 13 adults and 10 kids ranging from 3 months (Phoebe) to 12 years old (Talor). Our cabin was just big enough to fit us all almost totally comfortably and the indoor heated pool was a lifesaver!!!! It had just snowed when we got there, so we were able to enjoy it by tubing down the driveway of our neighbor cabin, which had no one staying there, so it had not been cleared!

My brother Layne pulling a karate kid pose on a nearby cut-off stump!

Dad ACTING LIKE he's going to pound MOM with a snowball! I don't think he actually did it!

Mom totally got Sarah right in the behind!

Abby and Grandpa had a blast!

Sunrise from the hot tub on the deck...nice!

3 of my bros...Ben looked like Grizzly Adams!

Our attempt at some family pics...some came out pretty good!

Our sweet girls...

Another attempt...

Aren't we cute?

Creative photography at its best...

Our family Day#1 in Downtown Gatlinburg. This waterfall was almost totally ice!

I have the best husband! He carried Phoebe the whole time! Even on the sky lift ride with Abby! (Don't ask! I don't know how I let it happen either! Let's just say I trust him...ALOT!)

You can hardly tell, but Abby and i were screaming!

Three girls winding down as we watched The Suite Life of Zach and Cody...

Sunday, Grandma helped the older kids put together a Family Tree and Dad sat us all down (literally together) and gave us a "talking-to".

Abby and Mina in their Tinkerbell shirts that Grandma gave them!

Me and Abbs on Day #2 in Downtown Gatlinburg...

Abby's Sky Lift Ride #2 (with Mom and Aunt Anna this time)...

Dad with both girls...
My handsome hubby and Marshmallow-puff covered daughter watching Anna bungee jump! Abby still hasn't stopped talking about the "bungee jumping" and how she "didn't like the cars"

The pool we could not have lived without!

Off to the outlets after Breakfast with the girls...

The tubers at Ober Gatlinburg on our last night there!

We were able to take Phoebe's cast off a little early and let her get in the pool with us!

She LOVED it!

It was so fun! We can't wait for the next trip! Thanks, Mom and Dad for the cabin!!!

Surprise! It has snowed TWICE in Florence, SC this year! Unheard of...

I'm sure you all know that it hardly EVER snows in SC, so we are VERY excited when it does! The day before, the stores are overrun with customers buying gallons of milk and loaves of bread, and as soon as the first flake falls, the schools close and people either hole up in their houses with hot chocolate or run out with makeshift snow attire and make tiny snowmen! (We are included in most of that!) Everyone is so funny, especially because I lived in Utah for 4 years and in northern California for 18 months, so I've driven and played in many blizzards! Imagine our surprise to hear that it would be snowing Jan 20-We woke right up and played! I taught Abby how to make snowballs...

...and we made 2 tiny snowmen (of course). This one even had a piece of carrot for his nose and raisins for his eyes...

...then Abby pelted me with a few snowballs... ...and Phoebe stayed toasty warm and cute in the house the whole time......and we thought that was the end of our snow experience for this year!

Well, we were wrong! This morning we woke up and were shocked to see that it had snowed AGAIN-we didn't even know about it thise time--what a fun thing to wake up in the early morning and see everything covered in a blanket of white--beautiful!I just heard the schools are on a 2-hour delay tomorrow--the snow was gone about 6 hours ago...I guess there must be ice on the roads! I wouldn't know-I've been inside all day (after the initial playing out in the 25 degree/8 degree windchill this morning for awhile), toasting my feet and drinking hot chocolate with my girls-well, Phoebe's having formula-fridge is stocked with bread and milk...

Christmas 2008-FINALLY!

Christmas Eve began at Alison and Ryan's with Nana reading the Christmas Story and the kids acting it out. Phoebe was, of course, Baby Jesus this year and Abby was an angel (who, by the way, did not crack a smile the entire time!)

Us checking out Abby's loot from Nana and Poppy's Fishing Game

Abby reaching for "reindeer food" and throwing it out on the lawn!

We left out a plate of goodies for Santa and even a carrot for Rudolph!

On to Christmas morning! We were awakened by caroling coming from Al and Ry's bedroom. Most of the kids were in there singing at the top of their lungs trying to get us all to wake up--and it worked! Once we were all awake, the kids had to stay at the top of the stairs for a few grueling minutes before going downstairs to find their stockings on the fireplace--oh the nail-biting anticipation Abby felt! Notice the "I am awake way too early, but can't wait to see my presents" glazed look on her face!

Phoebe with her Minnie Mouse from her stocking (purchased in Myrtle Beach at the outlets on our trip!)

We always get matching jammies-check out those handsome, disheveled men!

And those crazy women-here's what we were thinking--E-"I love Christmas!", Mom-"What happened to my reindeer antler?", Heidi-"I love my family!", Alison-"It's been so crazy in my house, my eyes are crossing!" and Nadia-"I can't stop laughing at this crazy family I married into last year!"

It was a Dora Christmas for Abby this year-doll, backpack and slippers...

This is just a classic picture-Nana's true, sweet reaction to their gift with those antlers on!!

Sweet Phoebe...

Uncle A can always get the kids to smile!

Aunt Alison's fun hat craft!

Oh, the joys of a screaming child-it didn't even phase me!

Finally at home after a fun Christmas and a LONG drive! YOYOYO-Hats by Erin-Josh actually wanted his that tall!

Obviously, we had a blast! We always do! Happy belated holidays!