Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Christmas Card and Letter

Hopefully most of you received our Christmas card and letter (late) this year. I'm sorry if you didn't, but I figured I should post it on here too. It pretty much covers our year...we are excited for 2011! This picture was taken at my baby sister's wedding. Yep, Anna is married and it was a lovely wedding! This should cover the rest....

Axelson’s 12 Days of Christmas in 2010

12 thousand dollars—the approximate value of our almost new 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan—FINALLY!

11-the number of days between Erin and Josh’s 34th birthdays in June

10 x3= 30 lbs lost by Erin, so far…

9 -the number of times per day that Abby and Phoebe ask to watch Barbie, Barney, or Eloise-sometimes this is a x2 thing

8 x3=24-the number of times Erin was at hospital or doctor’s office for her or the girls from mid-September thru November—YIKES! None of these were for Josh, but he took his turn at being sick the past few days with the achy, headachey flu , accompanied by sinus infection and coughing…

7 days at Outer Banks with the Harveys (29 people at the time) and 7 days at Edisto Island with the Axelsons (22 people at the time)—Hooray for large family gatherings!!

6 days of fun with the Johansen cousins filling our home to capacity while their parents picked up their new baby sister, Sadie, who had to stay longer in the hospital than planned. Also the number of weeks that Phoebe had two big purple casts on her legs (up to her hips and connected by a bar) after her surgery.

5-Abby started 5k the day she turned 5 in August

4 hours of fun on Abby’s first field trip to Ovis Hill Farm, where she made butter, fed the baby cows, took a hay ride and visited the chickens and sheep.

3 successful surgeries. Phoebe had the tendons in her foot reconstructed at Shriner’s Hospital of Greenville in August. Erin had her gall bladder removed in September and another minor surgery in November. It’s been a crazy end of the year for us!!!

2-Phoebe became a 2-year-old in October…also the number of years that Josh has been Bishop here in Florence…

1 happy family of four, wishing you all a wonderful 2011! May your new year be filled with love and blessings from the One who gives us everything!

Love to you all!

Josh, Erin, Abby & Phoebe (and Abby insists I add Lolly, our pink beta fish)